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Next CPO releases!

The Great Game is a fun and fast game
covering the original Cold War period between Russia and Great Britain, 1837 - 1886

Blenheim 1704 covers the pivotal battle during
the War of Spanish Succession and also is the

 first entry in the Seven Hex System, a different take on tactical battles of history


July 30, 2017 - The Great Game and Blenheim 1704 are the next two games scheduled for release and here are some samples of the final counter artwork. Things are progressing nicely on both games and production will start soon.

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Randy Lein - LWG


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Recent CPO Release.


Invastion: MALTAby Vance von Borries

NEMESIS: Burma 1944by Kim Kanger
A Glorious Chance: Lake Ontario, 1813
a solitaire game design by Gina Willis 



All games will be shipped in bulk to the UK where the VAT will be paid.  Then the game is shipped to you and since the shipment originated inside the EU you should not be charged any additional handling fees. The total paid by you for this service will be approximately $27 - $32 for a single game. 

This is just my way of saying thank you for continuing to purchase games despite the ever higher cost of shipping.

Randy Lein - LWG



Post release pricing still available.