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Next CPO Release!
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Picket Duty - 2nd Edition 
 Kamikaze Attacks Against U.S. Destroyers
Okinawa 1945
solitaire game design by Steve Dixon


February 8, 2018


Picket Duty is the next game scheduled for release and there is still time to submit your CPO and save 30%.

Blenheim 1704 is right behind so stay tuned for more information soon. 

In addition, Maori Wars  and Nemesis have both finished final development and with just a little more graphic work will be ready to enter production.

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Randy Lein - LWG


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Upcoming CPO Releases 


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Invastion: MALTAby Vance von Borries

NEMESIS: Burma 1944by Kim Kanger
A Glorious Chance: Lake Ontario, 1813
a solitaire game design by Gina Willis 





Post release pricing still available.